Bass Tool & Supply Inc.

Products - Manufacturer List / Vendors

Coated & Non-Woven Abrasives

Machining & Workholding

Chuck Jaws

Solid Carbide & Indexable Thread Milling

Lubricants & Paints

Drill Chucks

Gauges for Threaded Tubular Products

Hex Tools

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Thread Mills, Spade Drills, Drill Inserts & Holders

Toolholder & Collet System

Drill Bushings & Hoist Rings

Power Bits, Torx & Hex


Roll Form & Cut Thread Taps


Precision Boring System

Toolholder & Collet System

Lathe Chucks & Chuck Jaws

Ball Head Hex Keys


Precision Instruments

Wire Wheels, Nylon Impregnated Brushes & Flex Hones

Lathe Chucks & Workholding

Grinding Wheels

Abrasive Belts

Bonded, Coated & Non-Woven Avrasives

Phase Converters

Solid & Indexable Carbide Tooling

Adjustable Hand Reamers

Vises & Workholding

High Speed and Cobalt Drills

Carbide Tipped Tool Bits

High Speed and Cobalt Drills

High Speed and Cobalt Drills

Lapping Compound


Air Hose, Fittings, Dryers, Lubricators & Regulators

Tap & Drill Drivers, CAT, BT & NMTB Toolholders, Automotive Tooling

BT, CAT, & Hsk Tooling, URMA Boring System

Abrasive Discs & Cuttoff Wheels

End Mills & Milling Cutters

Rubberized Abrasives

Chemicals & Lubricants

Tool Storage & Dispensing Machines

Boring Heads, Bars, Threading, Grooving Tools

Tool Bits

Machine Tool Accessories & Tooling

Drill Sharpeners

Workholding and Fixturing Clamps

Diamond & Borazon Wheels and Cutting Wheels

Solid & indexable Carbide Drilling & Indexable Milling

Quick Change Tool Post, Holders, Indexable Tooling

Drills & Taps

Electric Hand Tools


H.S. Broaches

Marking Stamps & Stamp Holders

Carbide Hogging Mills & End Mills

Precision Instruments

Layout Fluids

Air Tools

Pneumatic Tools

Storage Products

Cutting Compound

Burnishing Tools

High Performance Taps & Threadmills


Storage Products

Safety Products

Etching Equipment

BT, CAT, HSK Toolholders, Collet Systems, ITS Boring Systems

Small Boring Bars & Indexable Tools

Air Operated Suction Devices

Thread Repair Inserts


Milling Cutters & Specials

Machine Accessories

Honing Brushes

Air Tools

Boring Heads & Bars

Knurls & Knurling Tools

Precision Instruments

Lathe Chucks

Solid Carbide Saws & Endmills

CAT, BT & HSK Rotary Tool Holders

High Speed & High Performance Taps & Dies

Precision Instruments

Solid Carbide End Mills, Reamers & Drills

Lathe Chucks

General Chipbreaker

Chipbreaker Drills


Toolholder Bushings, Boring Bar Bushings & VDI Tooling

Hand Cleaners

High Speed Drills and Taps

Polishing Tools

High Performance Drills, Taps and End Mills

Chuck Jaws & Workholding

Cobalt & Carbide End Mills, Hogging Mills & Drills

Miniature & Specialty Cutting Tools

Rotary/Punch Broaches


High Performance End Mills

Screw Thread Inserts & Tools


Pedestal Rollers & Machinery Moving Devices

Storage Cabinets for Drills Taps End-Mills & CNC Holders


High Performance Carbide End Mills & Drills

Cutting Tools

Air Compressors

Measuring Instruments

Solid Carbide Cutting Tools

Carbide-Turning, Milling, Grooving, Threading, & Part-Off Inserts and Tooling

Coolants and Lubricants

Drill Chucks & Arbors

Welded Carts & Cabinets

Workholding Fixtures & Accessories

Machinery and Industrial Equipment


5C Holding Fixtures, Saws & Grinders

Oil Separators & Filters

Toolboxes, Cabinets & Storage Equipment

Machine Tools

Center Drills, Countersinks, Woodruff Keyseat Cutters

Hardnedd Testers

Hand Tools

Right Angle Heads and Rotary Tables

Vises & Workholding Fixtures

Indexable Cutting Tools

Plumbing & PVF Chemicals


Cylinder Hones & Drill Sharpener

Storage Equipment

Thread Rolling, Indexable Milling & Mold Making Tools

Coolant Delivery Systems

Chemicals & Lubricants

Collets & CNC V-Flange Tooling

Storage Equipment

Magnetic Chucks

Carbide Drills & Countersinks

Small Grinding Wheels

Precision Instruments

Power Tools

Industrial Markers

End Mills

Coated Abrasives

Brazed Tools, Solid Carbide Boring Bars & Grooving Tools

Abrasive Cords & Tapes

Wire Brushes

Clamping System

Precision Instruments


Precision Instruments

Drills, End Mills & Taps

Automatic Boring Heads

End Mills, Milling Cutters

Air Tools

Milling tools for aluminum and exotic metals and routing tools for composites.

Taps & End Mills

Vises , Milling Tables & Rotary Tables

Adhesives, Sealants, Anti-Seize

Coated & Special Abrasives

Mini Grooving Tools

Phase Converters

Indexable Cutting Tools

Lathe Chucks & Workholding

High Speed Steel, Cobalt and Carbide End Mills

Shim Stock, Punch & Die Sets

Drill Rod


Tapping Heads & Drilling Attachments

Machine Coolants

Coolant Nozzles

Thread Rolling Systems

Grinding Wheels

Die Springs & Components

Milling Machine & Lathes

Screw Thread Inserts

Taps, Gages & End Mills



Boring Systems

Live Centers

Carbide End Mills

Carbide Tipped Tools

Live Centers, Drill Chucks, Lathe Chucks & Expanding Mandrels

Storage Equipment

Coolants, Cutting Oils, EDM Oil

Lathe Chucks, Tool Holders, Clamping systems

Power Feed Units

Solid Carbide Cutting Tools



Linear Scales & Probes

Precision Instruments


Bandsaws Blades & Hole Saws, Precision Instruments & Flat Stock

Back Spotfacer or Reverse Machining

Square Hole Bushings

Magnetic Chucks, Sine Plates & Accessories

Carbide Drills, Inserts & Indexable Tools

Tapping Fluid

Tapping Attachments

Deep hole Drilling Tools

N/C Tooling Systems

Workholding Components

Temperature Indication Technologies

Industrial Floor Mats

Soluble Oil, Way Lube & Hydraulic Oil

Cut-off and Grooving Systems


Grooving & Threading Inserts

Cutting Tools, Machine Accessories and Machinery

Rotary Tables

Cutting Tools

Carbide End Mills, Drills, Reamers & Countersinks

Annular Cutters

Indexable Boring Bars, Drills, Toolholders & Milling Cutters


Laydown Threading Inserts, Thread Milling Tools

High Performance Taps, hand Taps Oil Hole Drills & Taps

Drill, Taps & Dies

Deburring Tools


Tap Extractors

Lubrication Fluid

Abrasives and Polishing Tools

Indexable Carbide Turning Milling and Drilling Tools

Torx Wrenches & Various Screwdrivers

Machine Tools, Vises

Miniature End Mills

Live and Static Toolholders

Solid Carbide End Mills, Drills & Reamers


Lathe Chucks, Super-Spacers, Rotary Tables Live Centers, & 5C Holding Fixtures

Indexable Turning and Milling Carbide Inserts

Industrial Metrology